Location - Long Caye is a 650-acre, 2 3/4 mile-long and 3/4 mile-wide island located 45 miles off the coast of Belize, within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll on its south western border. The island of Long Caye is situated on the southwestern ridge of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll.
Wireless Internet Available
Link to information on Long Caye www.longcayebelize.com
Boat Trip to Long Caye - The boat trip to Long Caye takes approximately 90 minutes by boat. You will travel through several offshore cayes, the Barrier Reef, and then across the Turneffe Atoll to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, to Long Caye. 
What to bring - Swim suit, island attire, at least 1 lightweight long sleeve shirt and long pants, sun screen, flashlights, bug spray, camera and film, snorkel and dive gear, beach towel, binoculars.
Power - The Calypso is operated by Solar Power 24 hours a day with standard U.S. 120 Volt AC power. 
Water - Water at The Calypso is supplied by rainwater collection and is filtered and safe to drink.
Toilets - In keeping with Calypso's preservation ideals, toilets are composting toilets w/ low water flow.
Dress - Dress at The Calypso is island casual & and there is no need for formal clothing. 
What is the official language - English.  Spanish and Creole are also common.
What is the currency - The Belize Dollar.  The exchange rate is fairly constant at $2 Belize to $1 U.S. 
Passport and Visa Requirements - Visitors to Belize require a valid passport and return/onward tickets. Visas are not required for citizens of the U.S, Costa Rica, Austria, Mexico, European Union, Commonwealth or Caricom Nations.
Climate Sub tropical, with temperatures ranging from the mid 80's during the day to low 70's at night.
Tips / Gratuities We do not include a service charge in the bill.  Tips are discretionary but we would recommend tipping your room host, cook, and tour operators if you appreciate their service.  Tips of 10% are appropriate, more for exceptional service.
Reservations or contact by phone  303-523-8165
Email address calypsobeachretreat@yahoo.com